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Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO outsourcing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good online findability ensures a continuous flow of relevant visitors to your website. You achieve this by optimizing your website for search engines(Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated to SEO). We are the SEO specialist in Arnhem and would be happy to tell you more about it.

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In the early days of SEO, you could play tricks by stuffing your page with the right search terms. But Google is getting smarter and more critical and is also looking under the hood of your website. Is the code clear? Is the website fast enough? And is the internal link structure in order?

3 pillars of SEO

Not only is Google getting smarter, but the competition is getting tougher every year. For a successful SEO execution, your website must perform excellently in the following 3 areas:

  1. Engineering
  2. Content
  3. Authority

This requires specialized knowledge and experience. It is therefore wise to choose an SEO partner to enter the SEO process together. This is how you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Rooza as an SEO partner

If you do it right, search engine optimization is going to pay big dividends in the long run. Do you choose us? Then you are assured of a team that is really on top of things and that keeps a close eye on developments.

Where many SEO partners are primarily adept at content and authority, we also excel at technology. And that’s incredibly important: technology is really the foundation of your SEO strategy. When that’s not in order, you start off 3-0 down.

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Search engine optimization Arnhem

We are an online marketing agency in Arnhem and we work for clients throughout the Netherlands. Are you curious what we can do for you? You are welcome for a cup of coffee or a video call. Contact us for more information.

How does search engine optimization work?

We discuss in 5 steps what we mean by good SEO and how we implement it.

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1. Engineering

We start with a technical foundation. Search engines like Google crawl your website to index the content. Google just reads the website in a different way than a visitor. We optimize readability for the visitor and for the search engine. Here you can think about using internal link building and meta tags, among other things.

Google also values the visitor’s experience. For example, the website must load quickly, for which Google looks at the following core web vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FIP)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

It is important that the website is responsive (fully functional on both a computer and a smartphone). Website security is also important: https has become the standard.

We begin with a comprehensive technical analysis. It varies from website to website what comes out of this. This can range from implementing a few quick wins to recommending more extensive changes. You can have the changes made by your web builder, but we can also do this for you.

2. Content

Good content plays an important role in search engine optimization. When there are three websites writing content on the same topic, Google will favor the website that provides the most rich content.

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We help with competitive analysis and spot opportunities for you. Based on that, we set up a strategy. You can then create the content yourself, or let us do it. We work with professional copywriters.

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3. Authority

The first two points, technology and content, take place purely on your own website and behind the scenes. But Google also looks at what others think of your website. This is how an assessment of your authority is made. Among other things, it depends on external links.

When websites link to your website, it has an effect on your website authority. The higher the authority of the linking website, the greater this effect is. The process of collecting links is called link building.

For link building, it is important to be careful. In fact, when websites of very low quality (spam-like sites) are linked to your site, this can even have a negative effect. Together we will set up a link building strategy to optimize the authority of your website. We can advise you on this, but we can also relieve you of all your worries.

4. Continuity

SEO is a process of the long haul. First of all, it takes several months before you can expect the first results.

And when you have finally acquired a high position in Google, there is no guarantee that you will retain this position. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and your competitors are not sitting still either. Chances are there will be a reaction when your website knocks another off its throne.
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With that, search engine optimization is similar to treading water: you have to keep moving to keep from sinking.

5. Monitors

To ensure continuity, we always keep our finger on the pulse. When we start optimizing your website, we set up a custom dashboard. Here we keep track of how well your website can be found for relevant keywords, how many visitors this brings you and how many conversions it leads to.

As the client, you have 24/7 visibility into the dashboard. This way you have a continuous view of our work and its results.

Improve your online findability

Do you want to be at the top of Google’s search results? Then engage us as your Arnhem SEO Dream Team! With us, you can choose whether you want to be supported in the optimizations, or whether you want to outsource the SEO completely.

Please feel free to contact us so we can make a customized proposal.

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