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Rooza Online Marketing

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Your full-service online marketing partner. We are result-driven and help clients, both local and international, to grow. By setting up, managing and optimizing profitable online marketing campaigns, we create lasting impact for our clients.

Who we are

Tim Rooza

Tim Rooza

Founder / online marketing specialist
Makes potential tangible

As an online marketing specialist, Tim gets energy from every lead or online sale he realizes for his clients. With experience in many areas within online marketing, he ensures that opportunities are identified and capitalized on. Various means are used for this, such as Google Ads (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media, Video marketing, Email marketing and Conversion optimization.

Tim lives in Velp (near Arnhem) and is the father of Twan (2014) and Lukas (2015).

Christian Broekmeulen

Christian Broekmeulen

Data analysis, Dashboarding & PPC specialist
Pushing the right buttons

As a performance marketing specialist Christian is happy when it comes to achieving positive ROI. His weapons of choice are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads and SEO. He also does not shy away from realizing good dashboards or Tag Manager implementations. Even (or rather: especially) when things get a bit more complicated.

Christian settled in Arnhem with his girlfriend, loves good food (and cooking!) and has a no-nonsense attitude.

Rutger van Loo

Rutger van Loo

Social & performance marketer
At the intersection of creativity and technology

Rutger gets a kick out of the combination of creativity and technology. He thinks it is wonderful to compare campaigns, to optimize campaigns and to be able to demonstrate in a report how much impact an action has had. Thanks to years of experience as an in-house marketer, he knows like no other how to add value quickly and efficiently.

Rutger lives in Nijmegen with his girlfriend and is also a talented photographer.

Mike van Dorst

Mike van Dorst

SEO- & Data Driven marketer
Passionate about online growth

Mike is a marketer at heart and has a lot of motivation to perform. He gets energy from (technical) SEO optimization, Google Ads, Copywriting, conversion optimization and data-driven marketing. He also has many years of experience in online marketing and loves a real challenge: He is constantly working to keep his knowledge and skills both new and refreshing and does so with love for the profession.

Mike lives in Arnhem and is able to (so to speak) "roll" from his house to the office. You can talk to him about sports, movies, music and games.

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