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Conversion optimization.

Increase the effectiveness of your website

Conversion optimization

Does a visitor to your website take action? Super. Another successful conversion. But what if disappointingly few visitors request information or hit the buy button? Then it’s time for conversion optimization.

Visitors to your website decide within a few seconds whether or not they want to read what you have to say. All elements of your website play a role in this: text, layout, structure and loading time. A beautiful design, clear layout and ironclad text, but does the homepage take a while to load? That’s going to cost you visitors! Similarly, if you have a super fast and beautifully formatted website with a cluttered structure or unclear texts.

Landing page tightening

Conversion optimization focuses on your landing page. After all, that’s the page that you link to from your online ads and therefore that visitors see first. In doing so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What exactly is my offer?
  • Does that offering match what visitors expect?
  • Is it clear what is expected of the visitor? And does that call-to-action align with what I want to accomplish?
  • Are there things that distract from the call-to-action? Other call-to-actions, for example, that are less important?
  • What reasons might visitors have for not taking action? And can I add information that will help lower the threshold?
  • Does the text speak with enough urgency? In what ways can I encourage visitors to take action quickly?
  • Does the design fit well with the message?
  • Is the structure and construction of the page clear?
  • Does my website load fast enough?

The extra mile

Basics in order? Then you can add other elements that increase conversion. Lead magnets, for example (something you give away for free in exchange for an email address, such as an online booklet with useful tips that tie in with your product or service, and that you really help visitors with). Or testimonials from satisfied customers who explain in a visual way what future customers can expect from your product or service. Or a special offer too good to pass up. Or gamification elements, such as a quiz that allows visitors to test their knowledge.

And so we can go on and on… So possibilities enough. The big challenge here is to choose elements that best fit your offering.

Want to permanently improve your website’s performance?

Of course, we also come up with a call-to-action here. As online marketing specialists, we can’t look at a landing page without immediately thinking of areas for improvement. For your website, too, we can look at what adjustments are needed to increase conversions. In the process, we can also do AB testing or user analysis. We’d be happy to tell you more about that. All you have to do: give us a shout that you want to know more. So call us, email us or app us. Or fill out the contact form. If so, we’ll talk to you soon!

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