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Tessa Hop, International Sales Manager at Yoni


On pads or tampons, it does not say what it is made of. Most products are made of synthetics including plastic and some contain additives such as perfume or super absobar grains. It can be done differently: Yoni makes pads and tampons from certified, organic cotton. Free of chemicals. Without perfume, plastic or synthetic substances. And Rooza Online Marketing is helping both to share the story of this special brand online and to drive online sales.

"They are knowledgeable, involved and always switch quickly. In short: a fine club"
Tessa Hop

Yoni has already achieved a nice position in the Netherlands. For example, products of this brand are standard on the shelves of Etos, Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Plus. Online sales through bol.com are also going well. With the latter, Rooza Online Marketing has lent a hand. So too with tracking (Analytics).

"We make women aware of something they don't think about. This is a challenge but also an opportunity"
Tessa Hop

Getting bigger in Germany
Meanwhile, the international sales department of Yoni is looking at where there are still nice growth opportunities outside our national borders. Tessa: “We are already doing very well in the UK and we have just launched at some major retailers in Spain. We are now looking at Germany as well. That’s where we really want to grow. That’s why we asked Rooza Online Marketing to help us set up our own online shop on Amazon.de. There is a lot involved in that. Amazon has all kinds of specific requirements, which sometimes makes it a real puzzle. So I’m really glad we get help with that from good online marketing specialists.”

Communication challenge
“As Yoni, we make women aware of something they often haven’t thought about. That is a challenge in terms of communication but also an opportunity,” agrees Tessa. “But at Rooza Online Marketing, they know exactly what to look for and which texts work best. They are always on top of things. And if things go wrong, they immediately look for a solution. They are knowledgeable, involved and always switch quickly. In short: a great club.”

"I am very happy that we get help from good online marketing specialists"
Tessa Hop

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