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Interview with Jeroen van der Lee. Creator and publisher of Yin Yoga Cards

Yin Yoga Cards

“Yin yoga consists of forty different postures. When people do those exercises at home, they often find it difficult to make a choice. That was something I regularly got questions about as a teacher. For years I’ve been toying with the idea of making cards for this, with a picture of a specific exercise on each card. Shuffle the cards beforehand and then draw a number of cards blindly, as with tarot cards. And then perform the depicted exercises. That way you also make sure that you don’t just do the exercises you prefer. That was the idea. Over the years I experimented with it a bit, but never really seriously.”

"The online sales of Yin Yoga Cards are going better than I had dared to dream"
Jeroen van der Lee

Starting a webshop in corona time

It so happens that Jeroen has a friend who is a graphic designer: William van Giessen. In 2019 they sat down together and by the end of that year they had a set of forty cards. Not long after, the corona crisis broke out. Because of the measures, Jeroen could no longer receive students or clients. A large part of his income fell away. “So that was a good time to really get into it and offer our cards through our own webshop,” he reflects.

"At Rooza Online Marketing, they take care of everything needed to sell through Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bol.com and Amazon "
Jeroen van der Lee

Commercially interesting

“The great thing about working with Rooza Online Marketing is that they provide me with exactly the input I need to explore the market and make it bigger. In addition, they arrange everything needed to sell the tickets via Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bol.com and Amazon. It’s really nice to be able to step into a completely different world this way,” Jeroen says. “And commercially interesting, because the online sales of the Yin Yoga Cards have already brought in more than I could have dreamed of.”

"The beauty of working with Rooza Online Marketing is that they provide me with exactly the input I need to explore the market and make it bigger."
Jeroen van der Lee

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