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Interview with Chris Gerretsen


Aexus helps innovative tech startups from around the world optimize their sales so they can scale in Europe. And Rooza Online Marketing in turn helps Aexus get on the radar of those startups.

"You can be successful right from the first day"
Chris Gerretsen

“The innovative tech startups we work for are, for the most part, software companies. If they want to scale in Europe and are looking for parties they can collaborate with, chances are they’re going to look online,” Chris knows. “Of course, we then want to come up quickly as a possible partner. Sometimes we are found through the content we share online, so through Google’s organic search results. In addition, we see that paid advertisements produce good results. And that’s where we engaged Rooza Online Marketing.”

"We get an update every month, so we can see exactly how many conversions there have been"
Chris Gerretsen

The right clicks

“The beauty of Google Ads is that the conversions start immediately as soon as you start paying. So with the right keywords and a good ad text, you are successful from day one. Of course it is important that the right people click on your ad. And that is where Rooza Online Marketing helps us. They also take care of our ads on LinkedIn. The advantage of that platform is that we can show our ads in a very targeted way. For example, only to people with a certain role.”

Professional agency

“We get an update every month, so we can see exactly how many conversions there have been. So how many companies have filled out our digital form. We also see in those reports what keywords were searched for, and things like that. And okay, sometimes we do need some clarification. Then we give them a call, and they explain it very clearly. It really is a pleasant collaboration. Rooza Online Marketing is a professional team. We’ve been working with them for years for a reason.”

"It's really a pleasant collaboration."
Chris Gerretsen

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