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Social Media Marketing.

The right message, for the right target group, via the right channel

Social media marketing

In the Netherlands, we use social media for an average of one and a half hours every day. And the number of users is only increasing. Advertising on social media marketing is therefore a very effective way to acquire new customers. But how do you tackle that?

Through a campaign on social media, you can engage exactly the right audience. Are you doing it the right way? Then you’ll get more fans, more traffic and, over time, higher sales. But what is “the right way”?

Three success factors

The success of your campaign hinges on the following three success factors:

  1. You know your target audience inside out. You know them almost even better than they know themselves. In doing so, it is a target audience that is indeed waiting for your product or service.
  2. The social media platform you advertise on is one that your target audience actively uses.
  3. Your marketing message resonates with your target audience. You describe your solution to their problem in a way that they can completely relate to themselves. In doing so, the design and tone-of-voice of your expression will not only fit well with the tastes of your target audience, but also with the nature of the social media platform you are advertising on.

Not an easy task, but fortunately we have extensive experience in both defining the strategy and tactics, as well as in the execution of all facets of social media marketing.

Advertising on Facebook

10.4 million Dutch people are on Facebook and 7.1 million compatriots are active on this platform every day. Impressive numbers. In the process, the social media giant also knows a great deal about all those users. Really zoom in on a specific target audience? So then you need to be at Facebook. The next step is to strike the right chord with this group. In doing so, you are competing with everything else on Facebook. So above all, come up with something that really wins the reader over. Be creative. And above all, make it personal. We can help you with that. We have extensive experience in setting up Facebook campaigns and writing appropriate texts.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is also doing well among Dutch people. In our country, there are 5.6 million users. And of them, 3.4 million can be found on this platform every day. A key consideration: Instagram users expect appealing images and inspiring text. So the bar is high.

Advertising on Youtube

Reading or watching a movie? Many people choose that second option. This also explains why YouTube is now the second-largest search engine (after Google, the undisputed No. 1). In our country, over 9 million people use YouTube. And 2.8 million Dutch people watch movies every day through this largest video platform in the world. So a marketing campaign with moving images is definitely worth considering. There are some points of interest, because video is really different from text. Of course, we know what those focal points are.

Advertising on LinkedIn

A more businesslike tone is appropriate here. But again, not too corporate! So finding a good balance is the challenge here. Advertising on LinkedIn is quite pricey. On the other hand, this platform offers nice targeting options, which can still make a campaign very lucrative. What is also good to know: of the 4.7 million LinkedIn members, “only” about 770,000 are active on a daily basis.

Advertising on Pinterest

This “digital bulletin board” lends itself well to promoting products and reinforcing the image of your company or brand. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can target specific interests of users with your advertising in a very targeted way. And users abound: 3.5 million Dutch people have signed up with Pinterest. And every day, more than 700,000 of them are on this platform looking for the necessary inspiration.

The next step: a social media strategy

What social media platforms will you use? Or do you limit the marketing campaign to one channel? What will your advertising message be? How do you make them as short, powerful and interesting as possible? And how do you make sure your expression fits the tastes of your target audience and the mood of the platform? All of these things are reflected in the Social Media Strategy. Because without a good plan, your marketing campaign will have a hard time, among all those personal confessions, enviable vacation photos and funny cat videos.

Need help? We have already launched many advertising campaigns for our clients that generated quite a few leads, customers and sales. We can also help you create a Social Media Strategy. If you wish, we can even take over the complete social media management so that you can free up time for other important matters.

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